On the Radar: The First Animation Showing a Horse “Hovers” During Its Run


As recently as the late-1800s, people had no idea how horses ran. To the general public’s astonishment, Eadweard Muybridge revealed that at a point during a single “revolution,” all of a horse’s four legs hover over the ground.

This was demonstrated through stop-motion photography, which has been animated here. Muybridge made an animated projection of the idea afterwards, possibly influencing Edison’s invention of the precursor to the motion picture camera.

Source: Wikipedia – Eadweard Muybridge, Wikipedia – Sallie Gardner at a Gallop, UT Austin’s Harry Ransom Center Permanent Collection


3 thoughts on “On the Radar: The First Animation Showing a Horse “Hovers” During Its Run

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  1. However, Britisher Muybridge was also a gun totin’ murderer and probably insane who narrowly escaped being hanged in California for shooting a Scot named Harry Larkyns. He got away with it on the grounds that, though he clearly admitted to shooting the man in the heart, the jury thought Larkyns deserved what he got for fooling around with Mrs Muybridge.


    1. Very true! He had some serious issues. It seems, sometimes, like people with the greatest issues also seem to come up with some seriously amazing ideas…who knows why that is?


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